How To Get Published as a Photographer

In this course you will learn how to get your photographs published in newspapers, magazines and online publications.

The course comprises 8 hours of theory and practice. The schedule and location are flexible according to the student needs and availability. The course framework consists 4 main classes and sessions; Two theory classes (4 hours) and two practice sessions (4 hours) including a photo-assignment and portfolio review.

This course is suitable for you if

  • You’re serious and active.
  • You can communicate in English.
  • You have one year or more of practical experience.
  • You own an interchangeable lens camera and computer.
  • You know how to use the internet.

The following points will be discussed through out the course

  • What to shoot?
  • Approaches and techniques
  • Equipment, rules and aesthetic principles
  • Work on a project
  • How to prepare your photographs for publishing?
  • Artist portfolio
  • Types of published photographs
  • How to get into the market?
  • How to promote for your work?
  • Helpful platforms
  • Fast money vs. slow money?
  • Image specs and requirements
  • Get it to work!

Course Fee HK$2900


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General Photography

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Documentary Photography

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