Couple Portrait Photo-Shoot

多謝國際攝影大師為我們拍出真摯富感情的相片。 沒有華麗的衣裳,沒有任何的妝容,只有美麗自然的景色同富經驗的攝影師。 欣賞攝影師在我們選了地方拍照後,會自己搵日實地考察, 態度專業又認真。我平日也接觸不少攝影師, 但高低之分在於只能在企定定的情況下拍出面容生硬的硬照,還是可以在movement 的場景下捕捉到最自然富感情的一剎那,而又沒有out focus , 拿捏得很好,不是很多攝影師能做到這境界。日後翻開這些舊相片時,會記得當天的笑容,會記得那些真摯的情感。再次多謝攝影師 . 攝影師太强了!能準確捕捉流露出自然情感的一瞬間,拍出會說話的相片,讓看相片的人也感受到相中扣人心弦的情感! 攝影師很有經驗,在世界各地拍攝過不同類型的相片。極力推介給大家,多多支持!

Tom 是一位好有信念既國際大師操刀攝影(包埋執相全套服務),任何時間地點及拍攝類型都無難度,仲要D相好快就READY。為左實踐信念,你可以去到幾盡?

Thank our great photographer for capturing the precious moments of us. Striving to retain the genuineness of a photo, with less post-editing as possible, yet the outcome presenting is more than marvelous. This can only be achieved by a maestro who has excellent command of timing, environment and gear.

– Angus & Connie | Hong Kong

Film Photography Workshop

Thomas is a passionate and knowledgeable mentor. I’d recommended this workshop to beginners and intermediate photographers who want to get better in photography.

– Julia | United Kingdom

Documentary Photography Workshop

Thomas provided good technical info and background, and a clear task to work on. He is very familiar with the city and was quite open, friendly and helpful. Thanks Tom!

– Alex | USA

Documentary Photography Workshop

Thomas is very informative. His educational background tells it all. He gives you all what you need, when taking photos. If you are photography major, I’d recommend. There are some strict realities, but don’t get discouraged. Just keep in mind about all what he showed you. It’s worth it.

Dan | Japan

Business Portrait Photo-Shoot

The pictures show our compassion for one another. Love two of those professional pictures of me. I can use them for books and conferences. Tom did a very good job for us.

– Kara | Hong Kong